NARAL Pro-Choice Massachusetts
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Board and Staff

NARAL Pro-Choice Massachusetts Board of Directors

Trina Moore, Chair
Susan Webber, Treasurer
Kate Segel, Clerk

Kim Haskins
Connie Liu
Colin Moore
Emily Polak
June Rowe
Hillary Schwab
Alyssa Vangeli
Jo Blum
Erica Scott-Pacheco
Lisa Reilly

Pro-Choice Massachusetts Foundation Board of Directors

Hillary Schwab, Chair
Jan Levinson, Vice Chair
Evan Rauch, Treasurer
Kimberly Haskins, Clerk

Ellen Fisher
Andy Langowitz


Rebecca Hart Holder (Executive Director)

Rebecca Hart Holder has spent over a decade of her professional life advocating for reproductive autonomy. She joined the staff of NARAL Pro-Choice Massachusetts in January 2017 after serving as Associate Director of Programs for Provide, a nonprofit that works in partnership with health and social service providers across several states to better respond to patients and clients experiencing unintended pregnancy. Before joining Provide, she was the Federal Policy Director at the National Abortion Federation, the professional association of abortion providers in North America. Prior to attending law school. Rebecca received a Fulbright Fellowship to study human rights abuses against indigenous women in Guatemala. She holds a JD from the University of California, Berkeley School of Law and a BA in History and Spanish from Mount Holyoke College.

Samantha Riemer (Field Director) 

Samantha joined the staff of NARAL Pro-Choice Massachusetts in August 2015. Samantha has worked in the reproductive health and justice field for the past three years, in Texas at Whole Womanís Health and recently for Ibis Reproductive Health. Prior to that, she held positions in fundraising and organizing for progressive causes. Samantha holds a Bachelors Degree in Political Science and International Relations from the University of New Hampshire.

Cassandra Euphrat Weston (Development Director)

Cassandra joined the NARAL Pro-Choice Massachusetts staff in October 2014. She graduated from Harvard College in May 2014, where she majored in Comparative Literature and minored in Studies of Women, Gender and Sexuality. Her interest in reproductive justice work began with her experiences in college organizing sex ed workshops for teenagers and has continued to develop since.

Lillian Lanier (Organizer)

Lillian joined the NARAL Pro-Choice Massachusetts staff in September 2015 having recently graduated from Vassar College with a degree in Geography. During her time as a student, she took 8 months off to work as a full-time organizer with Massachusetts Jobs with Justice on their student outreach, Workersí Rights, Public Education and Student Debt campaigns. Her formal commitment to reproductive justice began during high school when she worked as a Planned Parenthood volunteer.

Eliza Gercke (Communications and Development Coordinator)

Eliza joined the staff of NARAL Pro-Choice Massachusetts in January 2016. She graduated from Vassar College in 2013 with a degree in International Studies. She has held positions fundraising and organizing for numerous progressive causes, from raising the minimum wage to fighting the privatization of public water systems. Eliza's interest in reproductive rights advocacy began in college when she volunteered as a phone counselor for victims of personal violation, and her commitment has continued to deepen since then.

ZoŽ Richman (Field Manager)

ZoŽ joined the NARAL Pro-Choice Massachusetts staff in October 2015. She graduated from Brandeis University in May 2015 where she studied Health: Science, Society, and Policy (HSSP) and Politics. ZoŽ grew up hearing about anonymous women of all ages, backgrounds, and circumstances who lacked the resources to exercise their legal right to choose from her mother who is active in the Jane Fund of Central Massachusetts. Consequently, she has been committed to fighting for reproductive justice from an early age. ZoŽ is determined to dismantle the stigma and shame that surround abortion and knows that each conversation she has with someone about abortion rights is a step forward.

Kathie Mainzer (Political and Legislative Consultant)

Kathie originally joined the NARAL Pro-Choice Massachusetts staff in August 2016 as Interim Executive Director. After Rebecca Hart Holder was hired as Executive Director, Kathie transitioned into the role of Political and Legislative Consultant. She has over 25 yearsí experience in public policy development, communications, and legislative advocacy. An innovative coalition builder and entrepreneur, she has led successful campaigns to reduce violence, prevent homelessness and increase state funding for job training and workforce development. Kathie also serves as Vice President of NonProfit Practice at the Strategy Group.
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