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Men for Choice 2014

February 10, 2014 6pm - 8pm

49 Social

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State Representative Carl Sciortino (D-4th Middlesex) 

Carl Sciortino has served in the Massachusetts House of Representatives since 2005, representing neighborhoods in Somerville and Medford. 
Since his first election he has taken a leadership role in key progressive battles in Massachusetts, including preserving marriage equality and passing legislation extending equal rights to transgender residents and establishing a buffer zone around reproductive healthcare facilities. Carl is one of the few LGBT members of the legislature. he took office after defeating an anti same-sex marriage incumbent in 2004. Carl has received numerous distinctions for his work including being awarded as the "best of the New" by Boston Globe Magazine and "Legislator of the Year" by the National Association of Social workers and the Mass Association of School Psychologists. he is a founding member of the Young Elected Officials Network, serving as State Director for two terms. prior to being elected to the legislature, Carl worked in the public health field as a research manager at Fenway Community health Center. 

State Representative Jim O'Day (D-14th Worcester)
Jim O'Day was born and raised in Worcester, Massachusetts. After obtaining his Bachelors of Science at Worcester State College, he served as a social worker for the Department of Social Services (now Department of Children and Families), serving families in Central Massachusetts for over twenty-four years. Today, Jim still serves on the Central Massachusetts Labor Council continuing his dedication to advocating for working families and worker's rights as a Council member and as a State Representative. He gave his first speech on the house floor back in 2007 concerning the Buffer Zone Expansion around Reproductive Clinics, successfully creating a 35-ft buffer zone around clinics. 
Jim )'Day has worked with Community leaders and organizations in efforts to support issues such as family-and-youth-focused-development programs, including job training and summer job opportunities for youth in the city of Worcester; accessible, affordable and quality early and higher education for all; addressing and closing health disparities; comprehensive education in schools, teen pregnancy prevention as well as young parent support programs.

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