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Contraceptive Coverage

Are you paying for birth control? You shouldn't be. 

Across the Commonwealth, many women do not have access to the birth control methods that work best for them. The Affordable Care Act promised women access to preventative reproductive health care without a copay so that all women, regardless of their economic status, could access basic health care. However, despite this promise, many health plans in Massachusetts continue to charge women a copay for certain types of birth control, including NuvaRing, IUDs, name-brand oral contraceptives, and emergency contraception. 

No-copay preventative healthcare is an economic necessity to women of all backgrounds – especially those who are most vulnerable in our community. Luckily, we can work to ensure that every woman has access to the contraceptive that works for her. 

You deserve co-pay free contraception 

An Act Relative to Women’s Health and Economic Equity (H.D. 1046, S.D. 1189) will ensure that all insurance carriers in Massachusetts provide all FDA-approved contraceptive methods with no copay. It will achieve the promise of the Affordable Care Act so all women have access to contraception, regardless of their health insurance carriers or their economic status. By passing An Act Relative to Women’s Health and Economic Equity, Massachusetts can continue to lead the nation in reducing unintended pregnancies and ensuring that every woman has access to the birth control options that work best for her. 

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Fact Sheets
In 2013 the FDA allowed the emergency contraception branded as Plan B One-Step to be sold over the counter without any age restrictions. This is a dramatic change in policy, eliminating a barrier to access to that type of emergency contraception for women under the age of 17 and without a driver’s license that NARAL Pro-Choice Massachusetts applauds. But this policy shift doesn’t go far enough, and there are still barriers to access that NARAL Pro-Choice Massachusetts continues to work on daily.
Family Planning funding from Title X has been under continual attack by Congress since 2011. NARAL Pro-Choice Massachusetts has worked to ensure that the Massachusetts Congressional delegation supports funding for Title X. Click here to read more about our efforts to protect funding for low income men and women.
Have you been denied birth control coverage? The Affordable Care Act requires insurance companies to cover the full range of FDA-approved contraceptive methods without cost sharing. This means women can access oral contraception (the pill), injectables, the ring, contraceptive implants, diaphragms, cervical caps, and non-surgical permanent contraceptives without paying a co-payment or having the costs applied to her deductible.
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