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NARAL Pro-Choice Massachusetts has a robust research program to identify gaps in access to reproductive health services and information. We then use this information to guide the development of public policy solutions and public education interventions.

Even today, we have found that access to abortion, family planning, and health education remains an accident of geography, a function of income, and a question of knowledge. And while barriers to health care and information affect all women, those in Massachusetts who are most underserved still face unique obstacles due to their race, ethnicity, class, sexual orientation, or disability.

Keep reading to see our most recent research or view our archived reports.

My Little Black Book for Sexual Health (2014)
My Little Black Book for Sexual Health is a user-friendly interactive online guide about health insurance and birth control. This new resource helps young adults navigate their health insurance options and answers questions about finding health plans that work for them, why prescription coverage matters, and how birth control fits in.

Abortion Care in Massachusetts (2012)
This guide is designed to assist  women in finding resources for dealing with an unwanted pregnancy or pregnancy complications. We have included information on choosing an abortion provider, paying for care, types of abortion services available, and laws that may impact a woman's ability to exercise her right to choose.

"Just Because You're Pregnant...": Lies, Half Truths, and Manipulations at Crisis Pregnancy Centers in Massachusetts (2011)
Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPCs) are anti-choice organizations with the mission of convincing women facing unplanned or unwanted pregnancies not to choose abortion by giving them medically inaccurate or blatantly false information.To combat these facilities, NARAL Pro-Choice Massachusetts conducted a year-long undercover investigation of CPCs in Massachusetts. Our report exposes the tactics these facilities use that delay women’s access to professional pregnancy care, including pre-natal care, adoption counseling, or abortion.

Decline in Access to Abortion Care in Massachusetts (2011)
Massachusetts, like the rest of the nation, has experienced an overall decline in abortion providers in both clinics and hospitals in recent years. There are also significant – and growing – regional disparities in access to abortion care, with the majority of providers concentrated in the Metro-Boston area.

Reproductive Health in Massachusetts: A Status Report (2009)
Massachusetts has been a national leader in improving access to health care. Yet today, access to critical reproductive health services and information often remains an accident of geography, a function of income, and a question of knowledge. To help inform policy makers and the public, NARAL Pro-Choice Massachusetts has compiled a series of status reports that assess the current state of reproductive health within individual communities (based on State Senate districts).

Access to Emergency Contraception in MA Hospitals Declines (2008)
A follow-up to NARAL Pro-Choice Massachusetts's 2006 emergency contraception (EC) survey finds that access to emergency contraception (EC) in emergency departments has declined, with some hospitals denying rape survivors access to EC and others creating inappropriate barriers to access that risk running afoul of the law.

Emergency Contraception in Massachusetts Pharmacies (2008)
Since 2005, emergency contraception (EC) has been available without a prescription in Massachusetts pharmacies, but this report finds that teens in the Commonwealth still face significant barriers to obtaining EC.

I Am Pro-Choice Massachusetts (2008)
In honor of the 35th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, NARAL Pro-Choice Massachusetts collected 35 personal stories from our members about why they are pro-choice. These incredible stories from people of different backgrounds show us that there are a variety of reasons that motivate people to be passionate about reproductive freedom.

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